Marketing On Point

On target marketing with Midpoint Media – data-driven social media strategy, creation, and feedback.


In-depth Goal Analysis, Audience Creation, Transparent Action Plan.


Compelling copy, Image Editing, Action-Oriented Ad Creation


In-depth Reporting, Split-ad Test Analysis, Strategy Review and Adaptation.


Your business has hit the market, your product or service is perfected and ready for the consumer…but where is everybody?

Let’s face it. You’re the expert on your product or servicenobody knows it better than youwhich is why they come to you for those wants and needs. With over 15 combined years of experience across a diverse range of industries and countries, we’re experts in online marketing, which is why you’ve come to us.

When it comes to investing in your company’s growth and marketing, the spectrum of choices ranges from hiring a full-time marketing manager all the way down to rolling the dice and farming out your needs with budget freelancers. Add to that the financial limitations of a new business, and you’ve got quite the decision to make.

At MidPoint Media, we realize both the potential of small businesses to enhance the lives of their consumers, and the need to operate within a calculated budget. We specialize in a personalized, transparent, data-driven digital marketing platformfocusing around social mediathat works with your company’s size and spend to achieve your goals whether they are to grow: customer reach, engagement, conversions, or lead generation.

Whether you’re a new startup looking to build a customer base, or an established brand looking to grow to the next level, we can help you.

Social Media

  • Content creation (articles, images, video editing)
  • Content curation
  • Content calendar and posting
  • Audience engagement (post response, customer service)
  • Outreach (hashtags, active brand networking)

Ad Creation

  • Campaign creation (product awareness, lead profile, sales strategy)
  • Audience creation (site visitor capture, customer uploads, lookalike audiences, email capture)
  • Ad creation (copy, image/video, split tests)



  • Google analytics (conversions, leads, website performance)
  • Facebook ads (Engagement, video views, conversions)
  • Social media platforms (engagement, video views, click through analysis)


our team

Brendan O'Brien

Branding, Design & Content Expert

With over 10 years of experience in business management, research, and business journalism, Brendan’s expertise is in creating compelling copy and content that brings the brand’s personality to life and inspires audiences to action.

Rodrigo Arias

Strategy, Social Media & Analytics Expert

Rodrigo’s strengths lie in staying at the cutting edge of the latest technology and software, and adapting to the platforms that customers invest their attention in. He has built his wheelhouse around staying constantly educated about where social media is going and what works for both today and tomorrow.

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