Midpoint Media is a digital marketing and consulting company formed with the purpose of building social media marketing strategies for new and mature business ventures looking to expand their online presence and bring their products and services to consumers. We believe in being effective and extremely accessible. Our strategy involves using in-house creativity, steered by data, to build a marketing platform that expresses your brand’s message and drives sales. Versed in the latest social media and analytics technology, we work with you step-by-step to create the impact you want your customers to see, and track the effectiveness of each online event through a completely transparent flow of information—so you’ll always know the results of what happened, what’s going on now, and what’s coming, every step along the way.

rodrigo arias

A true technophile, Rodrigo’s strengths lie in staying at the cutting edge of the latest technology and software, and adapting to the platforms that customers invest their attention in. He has built his wheelhouse around staying constantly educated about where social media is going and what works for both today and tomorrow. Rodrigo brings over 10 years of experience across just about every aspect of digital marketing—including strategy formulation, social media management, analytics, ad creation, video and image editing, and more. Rodrigo uses his comprehensive expertise to help clients design and implement a plan of action targeted for their specific needs. His track record includes marketing management for organizations in the tech, medical, sports, and sports products industries.

Rodrigo has an MBA with a concentration in Management of Technology from the University of New Mexico through their Anderson MOT program which has been ranked in the top ten U.S. technology management programs and in the top 50 worldwide by the International Association of Management of Technology. He is also the founder and owner of iSmart Innovations, an accomplished Apple Authorized Reseller in his home country of Bolivia which, in addition to its flourishing online store, just opened its second brick-and-mortar location. He loves playing soccer and tennis.

brendan o'brien

With over 10 years of experience in business management, research, and business journalism, Brendan’s expertise is in creating compelling copy and content that brings the brand’s personality to life and inspires audiences to action. Having built successful brands in the vitamin supplement industry, real estate, capital finance, and ceramics markets to name a few, he focuses on creating the connection between company and customer. Understanding your company’s edge and expressing that through your marketing is what gets potential buyers’ attention and conversion, and that’s part of the approach Brendan brings to the table.

Brendan has a bachelor’s degree in Business Marketing from the University of Central Florida, has owned three successful businesses, and when he’s not behind a computer his other passions include improv, cycling, and the great outdoors.

Brendan Patrick O'Brien

  • The Santa Fe SymphonyAssistant to the Creative Director
  • NextLevelNootropics.comOwner/Operator
  • BoostYourGrade.comOwner/Operator
  • BSBA Marketing Degree from the University of Central Florida

Rodrigo Campuzano Arias

  • iSmart InnovationsCo-Owner/Operator
  • The Institute of Functional MedicineData Analyst/Social Media Manager
  • MBA with focus on IT Management from the University of New Mexico
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